Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

ECLD 401 CLD Practicum

This course is designed to provide opportunities for students to observe and teach emergent bilingual students in a classroom setting. The practicum instructor will observe students using the SIOP observation protocol with additional focus on the incorporation of culturally sustaining instructional practices. The ECLD 401 practicum is the last course in the CLD endorsement sequence. Students demonstrate in this course their ability to effectively teach emergent bilingual students, collaborate with mentor and other teachers, and connect to their families and communities. S/U graded.




Generally offered Fall, Spring, and/or Summer Annually


(ECLD 340 or ECLD 455 with a minimum grade of D-) and (ECLD 360 and ECLD 380 and WLC 390 with a minimum grade of D-)


ECLD 400

Course Fee

Supervision Fee Required